Gift Card Ornaments

The White Pines Cardmaking Workshop has a set of double-sided B&T paper.  One side was really easy to use and subtle.  The other one was brighter, and more difficult to utilize.  I thought about how to tame it down, and this card is the result.  With all of the white space from the card base, it helps to keep the focus on the ornaments, without being overwhelming.  And it is super easy too!  I cut two flat ornaments, and made one 3-d ornament.  The 3-d ornament is three circles cut the same size, folded in half, and glued together.  I edged all of the circles in Cranberry ink to make them pop even more.  The Fern Twine from the kit made perfect hanging strings.


Around the holidays, we tend to send out gift cards a lot. We have a lot of family scattered around the country, so gift cards are always going to be easier than large presents.  This gift card is easy to make  I use a toilet paper roll inside a normal A-2 card, gluing the end of the toilet paper roll so the gift card can only slide part of the way in and not get lost.  Then punched a half circle in both the toilet paper and the card base.  Finally, the toilet paper roll was glued inside the card and the card completely glued closed.  This card doesn't open like a traditional card.  The card giver can sign the back, and the whole thing fits in a normal envelope.  Pretty neat way to recycle empty toilet paper rolls!

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