Just for FUN!

The Just for FUN campaign is all about Fundamentals! You can take part in the “fun” with discounts on Fundamentals paper packets, Complements, and ribbon packs! There are two ways to save during the month of November. First, you can purchase Fundamentals products individually at 30% off the retail price. Second, purchase a Fundamentals bundle containing the Fundamental paper packet, Complements, AND ribbon, at 40% off the retail price!

SOTM: Through the Year

November's Stamp of the Month is perfect for scrapbooks that showcase a year in the life.  Wanna make a calendar? The month names and small emojis are perfect!

SOTM: Through the Year

A bear in the woods

This bear, especially in the hat!  What a cutie!  I love that he can be stamped to show him holding something within his paws.  He goes so well with these colors and patterns from the Jack collection.