Always be a Unicorn!

I think I've already said how much I love this kit.  Childhood memories abound.  Do you have little girls?  This is a perfect kit to create invitations for their birthday party.  Or celebrate the uniqueness of a friend who is truly an individual.
Don't forget to always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn!

Little Dreamer and Unicorns!

Growing up, unicorns played a lot in the popular culture of the day. The Last Unicorn was a beautiful animated movie that many little girls watched, even with sadness that she was the only one left in the world. Lisa Frank's stickers and Trapper Keepers were the ultimate in status. This month's kit, Little Dreamer, reminds me of those innocent days of keeping sticker albums and doodling in notebooks.

Little Dreamer is a new Reflections collection full of bright colors and images that remind me of Lisa Frank stickers. It's a great, versatile kit, with themes and titles that can fit many different projects. And we have two new stamp sets with unicorns and rainbows. My childhood self is jumping up and down.  Little Dreamer is also a new Workshop Your Way, so you can get the paper packet, complements, and goodies all in one collection. Get yours today!

Celebrate Life: Live Beautifully
Celebrate your beautiful life with this limited time collection

Your life is full of everyday beauty that deserves to be remembered. This
National Scrapbooking Month, celebrate the beauty of your life with our
exclusive, Live Beautifully paper packet and stamp set. Featuring rich floral
patterns, gold foil designs, and more, this paper collection is only available
for a limited time. Order yours and start preserving your memories today.