Icy Pop Ropes

 Besides cold ice cream treats, one of my favorite treats as a kid was licorice.  I loved getting the long ropes of cherry or strawberry flavored goodness.  One of the things I liked to do was play with the ropes.  I'd wrap them around and around to make fun shapes, and then gobble up the shapes. 

That gave me the idea to try using the CTMH twine like the licorice rope to make one of my popsicles POP out of the page.  Liquid glue, either Liquid Glass or Bonding Memories Glue, give you enough time and sticking power to create the wrapped up pop.  The letters in between the sticks were cut from the stamp "WISH" from the Blossom Cardmaking kit.  Cutting up words/sayings make them more versatile for your projects.

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