The Scoreboard offered by Close To My Heart features 1/8" increments on the board and a diagonal folding arm, allowing you to make perfectly straight score marks as well as accurate 45 degree score marks on your papers for easy folding. It's really easy to give some added interest to your papers. Extend the arm out, and use as a normal score board for making card bases or creating straight embossed lines. Fold in the arm and create angled embossing lines on your cardstock for a different look. You can try creating a dry-embossed argyle design using the angled ruler. Our Scoreboard also features its own folder tool that fits very nicely, and quite snugly, inside the board, so you don't lose it. This special tool is best for a very smooth continuous crease. The prominent ruler at the top of the board takes all of the guesswork out of scoring placement. That's a definite plus when you're scoring card bases. So whether you are scoring a card, dry embossing a page, or adding other beautiful, inventive patterns that you space and create embellishments all your own the Scoreboard is going to be a great tool for any project. 

CTMH Scoreboard

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