Punches Punches Everywhere

CTMH offers an array of punches so you can shape your papers and add details to your heart's content! We offer our Corner Rounder and 1" circle punch that can be used in conjunction with any paper or cardstock. The corner rounder is well-suited to round the corners of your photos and can help you create your own additions to your Picture My Life cards and pages! And our 1" circle punch is perfect for punching out Base and Bling Style Sheets to go in our circle pendants.
All of our punches are designed to be easy to handle and use. They sit flat on your table for stability in punching straight lines and feature rubber grips on the base so they don't slide around. They are lightweight enough to pick up and transition to a handheld punch if you want a closer, more detailed look at what you are punching.

Our chevron border, triangle border, and scallop border punches can add that extra special something to your projects. Instead of shaping and punching the very edge of the paper, like the scallop border punch, the chevron and triangle border punches punch their pattern next to the edge of your paper, leaving a thin border. This feature opens up a world of possibilities to artistically express yourself. For example, you can back the negative space of the punch with contrasting paper for a pop of color. You could even weave paper strips or ribbons through the negative space for added texture. Or maybe you want to try taking the small punched shapes to use as embellishments or even confetti!
The punches also feature a clear trap at the bottom so you can see exactly where and what you are punching, in addition to collecting all of your scraps to keep your workplace clean until you're finished.

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