Family is Forever

In the genealogy world, the difference between a genealogist and a family historian continues to be debated.   Many believe a genealogist is only after the facts.  The dates and descriptions you can find in vital records at the court house or census records from the federal government to follow a genetic line of ancestry.  Family historians, on the other hand, are the researchers who look beyond the statistics and want to know the story beyond government records at every day life within their community.  Perhaps the stories come from the newspapers, or verbally handed down through generations, or when looking at the photographs.

This month's Stamp of the Month reminds me that we can celebrate that family history through our photos in our scrapbooks.   Writing the stories behind the photos help preserve them in context.

Connections can also be celebrated through correspondences with our family, using the Stamp of the Month to create beautiful cards.  I've found many interesting details in my family's old letters, sometimes written in beautiful cursive, other times in hasty scribbles.  
No matter how you use it, this month's stamp will help you remember that Family is Forever.

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