Popping up Holidays

The biggest excitement this season in cardmaking was a technique called the "Twist and Pop" card that I believe started with Lillybits.  It takes a little bit of planning, but it is such a cool card, that the prep is worth it.  The Picture My Life card packs are PERFECT for this type of card.  The 4 X 6 cards can be used for the front and inside covers.  The 3 X 4 cards are used for the pop out part.  A little trimming is required, but this makes it super easy to put the decorations together.

Another great thing about our Picture My Life cards are the two orientations.  One side is portrait and one side is landscape.  The samples below show how the City Sidewalks kit can be used in the landscape or portrait orientations.

Inside, vary the use of City Sidewalks complements, stickers and die cuts.  Pop on a zip strip with a sentiment.

Landscape card actually pops up and down.  It worked great for adding a car to the trees paper, so it looks like Santa is on his way to Grandma's house. Or use a small tree from the folded tree technique.  Add sentiments on the inside cover area.

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