Watercolor Christmas


CTMH Watercolor Paper and Watercolor Paints are so much fun to play with.  The card above is made with the White Pines Cardmaking WOTG stamp set.  

To make the slanted hill, I tore a scrap paper from one corner to the other, slightly bigger than the watercolor paper (I did watercolor paper at 6" square and scrap was 7" square).  I taped the top part of the scrap paper to the left of the desktop and the bottom part the right.  I slide the watercolor paper inside the left scrap and used a mixture of white, gray and tan watercolor paints to make a hill, making sure the darker grey/tan colors were at the top to create a "shadow".


 Once the hill dried, I slide the watercolor paper below the right scrap to stamp and paint the trees and background.  In the card above, I stamped the trees first, and watercolored inside the trees with green and the night sky outside with blue and gray.  The snow is heavily pigmented white watercolor flicked from a paint brush held high above the project.  The watercolor paper was cut down to card size and a sentiment stamped on the hill.

This version of the watercolor image uses watercolors first, then stamped the trees on top.  But I liked the precision of the first image instead of the artsy version.  Both have really pretty night skies and I love the texture of the snowy hill.

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