Celebrating You

I like using scraps to make my cards.  It helps me use up paper without throwing it away, and it ends up making me feel more creative.  The two large flowers and the large sentiment makes this a nice visual triangle.  Change up the colors of the cardstock to make the flowers suitable for whatever season you are sending the card.

The technique used on this card is from Splitcoast called Crinkled Cardstock.  You can find more information here.   Cut three circles in ever increasing size, spritz them with water, then crumple them up into tiny balls.  After squeezing them a bit, I unraveled them and let the paper dry.  It's important to let them dry, because the paper will tear in the next step.  Using a sanding paper, sand the dry circles to reveal the white core of the cardstock.  Stack the circles, attaching them in between, and secure a sequin in the middle on top.  Also use the crinkled cardstock technique on the leaves of the flower and tuck them behind the flower like below.

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