Convention 2015: Roomie Gifts

While I'm at convention, I thought I'd share the gifts I gave my roomies this year.  Normally, I try to make something, and I had grand plans this year too.  That didn't really work out.  My other fun job, studying the ocean, got in the way.  But, I did have fun putting these super bright fun goodies together. 


A container is good way to start off the gift.  I found these super cute (and bright!) shaker containers. I'm not sure what they are supposed to be used for in the normal world, but in the crafting world, I think they could be used for glitter or empbossing powder dispensers.  And with the nice cap on top, you can prevent any accidental spillage.


Every year I choose a charm that goes with the theme or destination for convention.  A few weeks ago, Corporate announced this year's theme will be based on Disney's movie, Up.  I found these awesome charms on Etsy, made by Mint Marbles.   Aren't the balloons clever?  She makes lots of really neat jewelry, so head on over to check out Nicole's store.

Even though I have only two roomies, a lot of the same group coordinate plans for months beforehand on Facebook.  These gals will get one of the buttons below.  I got a mixture of buttons from the Etsy shops of Artemis Accessories and Cool Pin Buttons.

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