Quilling Tool

Even though it is the middle of winter, and most things are hibernating or dead, flowers remind us that everything is not dead.  Decorate your house with lovely variations of paper flowers using the Artise Cricut cartridge and the quilling tool.  Check out the video below to learn how to roll flowers to add to your projects.

The Quilling Tool from Close To My Heart helps you create gorgeous rolled paper projects and embellishments that are simply stunning. The tool comes with two sizes - one on each end - to help you achieve as tight or as loose a roll as you would like. The Quilling Tool makes rolling up and curling cut flowers, like our Cricut-cut shapes, quick and easy, so your flowers stay tightly would before you release them and add your adhesive. Take one end, slip it on to your paper and roll away. Just like that. Now both ends of the tool feature tapered ends so that as you roll, the completed portions ease onto the barrel without ripping, of course. Then you simply slide the completed flower off of the end and apply adhesive to both ends and add to your projects.

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