Sticky Boy

In the Plenty For Twenty special, if your order from my website in December is greater than $20, you will receive a free D-sized stamp set. In addition, lucky random customers will also receive a genuine Sticky Boy. Most of you don't know the story behind Sticky Boy, but it is a big deal in the CTMH world to possess one. He cannot be purchased, only given to you or found.
The legend of Sticky Boy begins with Jeanette moving the company from wood mounted stamps to acrylic polymer stamps. CTMH did extensive testing on the new product to make sure it was up to the level of quality that you have come to expect from CTMH. The first stamp produced was in the image of Sticky Boy. You can watch the Sticky Boy video here --> VIDEO

At CTMH Consultant conventions, Sticky Boys find themselves stuck to various pieces of furniture, mirrors in the bathroom, or anywhere else he can stick. Consultants are constantly feeling up the walls and squinting at the mirrors in the bathrooms to find the elusive Sticky Boy. This past Summer, I found my own Sticky Boy. Check me out!

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